Sunday, September 9, 2007

Internet Archive SF

The creators of the Internet Archive are doing this for the purpose of providing access of what they call 'historical collections' existing in digital format to historians, scholars, and researchers. The importance of such is that it serves as cultural artifact, of which we can refer to later, and to create an identity for the significance of film (especially significant in my opinion), music, and the internet through 'concrete' memory.

The Internet Archive includes text, audio, moving images, software, as well as archived web pages.

I noted that while browsing the site, the CBS News coverage of Sept. 11th was a recently multiply viewed item. It is important for reflection, of our change or stagnancy, to have such documentation readily available to us for personal contemplation or prompts for debate. I mean this specifically to be just one example of the use of this Internet Archive source.
I myself appreciate the digital archival of films.
Under the mystifying heading of software of which I am so inherently ignorant of what this entails is an interesting piece of ..'ware', entailed something to do with painters Joan Miro's evolving works. This site must appeal to everyone.