Sunday, November 4, 2007

A simple mashup that plots stories from AP national news on a google map.
Each stories location is converted to a longitude/latitude position.
Currently, only the U.S./National news stories are plotted. Viable news source.
This site combines popular items from Flickr,, Yahoo, and furl, the last of which I am unfamiliar with. Like the AP site, it is informative, as well as diverse in its reported stories, accessing information from various sources from several websites.
I am planning on living in France within the next two years. I am always looking at apartment searches in Paris as well landmarks and google earth'ing cemetaries, like Pere-Lachaise in my down (down) time. I like this site for the reason that it shows me apartment searches near places of interest, i.e. Beaux des-Arts academie. An option allows me to view photographs of said searches. French data is shown on a google map.